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.: headlight switch


    The original Corvette headlight switch was antique, so I decided to update it with a much newer style - from a 2002 Camaro.

    The most difficult (time consuming) task for converting to to a new headlight switch was finding used pigtails. A new replacement headlight pigtail (on the left) was $120.00! The pigtail on the right is for the dash/courtesy light dimmer.

    This is the Camaro headlight circuit. In order to use the new switch in an old car I really wanted to see how the factory wired the switch. On the right of the diagram is the headlight switch.
    I used the Corvette wiring diagram to get the wireharness color codes and then made a new diagram showing which wires to splice together.
   The dimmer switch will dim the LED dash lights - which is a totally separate circuit.