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.: motor controller

    Packing a two-seat sports car with a lot of things for which it wasn't designed, while also allowing for easy access, requires some creativity.
    Resorting again to CAD models I designed a zero-clearance hinge for the controller, heat sink, and the controller's connections.
    The controller will be mounted behind the passenger seat - in the storage compartment.   
   The hinged assembly works well (in the computer!). This is obsolete. The new method is less complicated - it does not use slotted members to keep everything together. That's the beauty of CAD - time at the computer is cheaper than in the shop. But, at some point you do have to pull the trigger and start making chips (metal, not computer).

    At some point we will be selling a machined heat sink for the Curtis controller.
    The rib machining of the heat sink is specific for a C3 Corvette, but the bolt pattern is for a Curtis 1231C controller.
    Showing the controller  flipped up, allowing easy access to the compartment beneath it.

    The storage area behind the seats is now occupied by an Elcon DC-DC converter (144 volts to 12 volts), the motor controller (Curtis 1231C 144 volt, 500amp), and the NetGain 3Kw battery charger.