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    Battery ratings and data can be confusing.
    I'll try to explain what I think is important.
    This data is taken from the Odyssey brochure for the PC1500 battery.

.: series & parallel batteries

     With a combination of series and parallel batteries, the battery pack voltage and Ah capacity is limited by how much money and space you have.

    Using the Odyssey 1500 data, this graph shows that the PC1500 battery can supply approximately 500 amps for two minutes before it is considered fully discharged.

   At the other extreme, it can supply approximately 3 amps for 20 hours before it is considered fully discharged.
    With two battery packs in parallel (and the system fused at 500 amps), the data shows that in theory this combination
could pull 500 amps (250 amps from each pack) for about 8 minutes before needing to call for a tow to the nearest battery charger.